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Monsieur Bacchus - Balade à vélo à Bordeaux
Monsieur Bacchus - Tour à vélo à Bordeaux et Saint Emilion
Monsieur Bacchus - Bordeaux

About us :

Welcome to Monsieur Bacchus

Welcome to Monsieur Bacchus, where passion meets expertise in history, culture, art, and geography. With a love for travel that knows no bounds, Monsieur Bacchus has crafted countless excursions through some of the world’s most stunning landscapes, from the majestic Andean mountains to the vineyards of Bordeaux.

With over 13 years of experience in tourism, he has developed an extensive knowledge of diverse cultures and lifestyles, and he speaks Spanish, French, and English fluently.

As a Bordeaux expert, Monsieur Bacchus is eager to share his knowledge with you, guiding you through the architectural, artistic, and gastronomic treasures that the city and its surrounding region have to offer. Follow the free and bohemian spirit of Monsieur Bacchus through the vineyards and ancient streets, where history comes alive in a city declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


Why choose Monsieur Bacchus?

Monsieur Bacchus - Guide local et passionné

A local & passionate guide

Mr. Bacchus has always thrived on adventure and discovery.
He knows his city in the least corners.

Monsieur Bacchus - Des tours uniques

Unique bike tours

Monsieur Bacchus imagine lui-même ses tours. Il les travaille jusqu’au moindre détail pour satisfaire ses clients.

Monsieur Bacchus - Des vélos confortables

Comfortable bikes

Dutch style bicycles are provided for the tour, which come with a built-in basket. These bikes are known for their comfort.

Monsieur Bacchus - Avis clients

Excellent customer reviews

Our customers have given us 5 stars! Choosing Monsieur Bacchus is the assurance of being delighted!

Monsieur Bacchus - Trois langues

A trilingual guide

Mr. Bacchus is fluent in three languages: French, English and Spanish.

Monsieur Bacchus - Dimension écologique

An environmental dimension

Respecting the environment and nature is an integral part of Monsieur Bacchus’ bike tours.

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