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Bordeaux Bicycle Tours

Discover the breathtaking regions of Bordeaux and Saint-Émilion with Monsieur Bacchus and his renowned guided bicycle tours. Get off the beaten path and fully immerse yourself in the rich local culture as you cycle through the picturesque Bordeaux countryside. Each bike tour is meticulously crafted by Monsieur Bacchus, ensuring that every route offers a unique and personalized experience. Join us for an unforgettable adventure that blends exploration, fitness, and a passion for Bordeaux wine. Book your guided bicycle tour today and experience Bordeaux like never before.

Monsieur Bacchus - Tours à vélo - Bordeaux et Saint Emilion
Sortie vélo entre filles à Bordeaux


Monsieur Bacchus bicycle tours

Monsieur Bacchus - Tour à vélo à Bordeaux et Saint Emilion

Embark on a Personalized Adventure: Bicycle Tours Designed and Organized by Monsieur Bacchus. Experience the beauty of Bordeaux and the charming country roads around Saint- Émilion in a truly unique and unforgettable way with Monsieur Bacchus and his expertly designed bicycle tours. Escape the typical tourist paths and discover hidden gems as each tour is tailored to your preferences and interests.

With adaptable routes suitable for all levels of cyclists, Monsieur Bacchus ensures that every detail is considered so that you can fully immerse yourself in the adventure. As an added bonus, Monsieur Bacchus fluently speaks three languages – French, English, and Spanish – to ensure seamless communication and an exceptional experience for all.

Monsieur Bacchus - Balade à vélo à Bordeaux

Bordeaux through the ages

This tour is a journey through time, between classic and modern stories. You will discover the secrets of ancient monuments, as well as the latest street-art works scattered throughout the city, without forgetting the best gastronomic directions and the best green corner to rest.

Monsieur Bacchus - Tour à vélo - L'épicurien de Bordeaux

Monsieur Bacchus l’Epicurien

Embark on a tour with Monsieur Bacchus and explore the gastronomic and cultural wonders of Bordeaux, a jewel of France. Discover the epicurean side of the city with passionate locals who are eager to share the generous culture and delectable cuisine of the southwest.

Saint-Emilion E-Bike & Wine tour with Monsieur Bacchus

Discover the stunning vineyards of Saint-Emilion with Monsieur Bacchus on an unforgettable wine and bike tour. Perfect for those who love wine, culture, and nature, this experience takes you on a journey through the UNESCO World Heritage town of Saint-Emilion, showcasing the breathtaking landscapes and famous wineries along the way.

Monsieur Bacchus - Tours de vélo privés

Monsieur Bacchus tailor-made Private Tours

Discover the beauty of the Bordeaux region with a personalized tour designed just for you by Monsieur Bacchus. From a relaxing picnic in the Public Garden to exploring the Arcachon Basin, oyster farm visits, bike rides in the Médoc, or gravel tours of any level, we cater to your preferences, needs, and budget. Our private tours are perfect for any occasion!


Memories of our bicycle rides

Sortie vélo entre filles à Bordeaux

Bike ride in Bordeaux.
Visit of the main historical monuments of the city. Tasting break: local specialties from the Bordeaux region.

Private bike tour – Discover Bordeaux.

Bicycle tour in Dordogne over 2 full days.
Monsieur Bacchus - Balade à vélo
Bike ride through the parks of Bordeaux.
Monsieur Bacchus - Tour à vélo à Bordeaux et Saint Emilion


Happy Contents


Monsieur Bacchus - Tour à vélo à Bordeaux et Saint Emilion

To do without any hesitation!

A great way to discover the essentials of Bordeaux but also some hidden monuments. Our guide was very friendly and knew how to communicate his love for this city!


Great experience, it was perfect!

A safe journey through some of the most beautiful parts of Bordeaux. With associated historical stories and cool anecdotes. Our guide paced the route with enthusiasm and passion 👍 it was a delightful afternoon.


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